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Gartner predicts:

“By 2020, 50 percent of analytical queries will be generated via search, NLP or voice.”

Self-service BI anyone can use.

What if BI was as easy as using a Search Engine?

Our UI based on Natural Language Processing technology empowers everyone your organization to explore and discover new insights without technical barriers, helping drive smarter business decisions based on real data by asking questions using simple phrases.

Take advantage of our powerful AI search-driven data engine.

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Link all your data sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Jira, SQL and more!
Ask simple questions in natural language, just like you would with Siri.
Our engine understands your request and automatically produces quality reports and informative visuals in seconds.
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Experience the future of BI, today.

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Our team loves it, we are able to get answers in meetings without having to scramble around. Overall, it's helped us become more efficient and enabled everyone to get insights.

Harry CrawfordProduct Designer / Manager

It's like Siri for analytics, simply put, It helps our team get answers to their daily business questions, in sales, analytics, and inventory.

Aura LautnerBusiness Executive

Quick and simple. I no longer have to wait for hours for a report to be created.

Zak RiedFounder

There is no learning curve and that makes a world of a difference, my entire team is on it.

Hector AlfonsoWebmaster

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