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Get answers from your data by typing questions.

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Our Platform

Get answers in real-time by typing business questions in plain English.

Using natural language processing and artificial intelligence, our technology converts your question to the appropriate database language (SQL etc..), talks to your database or data warehouse, and returns an interactive answer/visualization.

This allows users to get answers and insights via truly self-service analytics, giving your entire organization the ability to make faster and smarter data-driven decisions.

Your team wants more answers, not more dashboards.

Connect to any Data Source

Our platform connects to any data source, such as SQL, Google Analytics, Snowflake, MongoDB.. and more, allowing your team to get more out of your data.

No training or SQL needed

No training or SQL needed. Our technology lets users ask questions in plain English and get the answers they need in real-time.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Security and Governance is our priority. Our admin configuration allows your organization to securely manage access by role, data source, and even dimensions.

Get answers to your data questions in real time.

See what the future of Analytics looks like for your business.


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